Whatever business you are in, you are in the business of marketing. You know that you need marketing to reach new customers; raise your visibility, and become known for the goods and services you provide. The words and images you use are vital in getting the right message across. The look and feel of your marketing collateral contributes to the customer experience. However, we know that you don't always understand where to start, or have the budget to outsource it.

That's why we have come together to offer you this unique service. The Marketing Clinic will give you personally tailored advice to match your business, your skill set and your budget.

This is your opportunity to access local industry experts in York for face-to-face advice, without committing to a monthly retainer contract with a costly marketing agency. You can book a 45 minute surgery appointment for guidance and support on Marketing, Design or Copywriting for just £45, or book all three surgeries for £100.

Appointments are available to book on the 1st Tuesday of every month between 9:00-5:00pm at the Natural Entrepreneurs Workspace in York.

Marketing Surgery

Marketing Surgery

with Louise Mason, Your Marketing Specialist

As busy business owners we often find that marketing falls to the bottom of the list or gets left to the last minute. We feel so overwhelmed with the options and distracted by new social media platforms that we don’t really know where to start. These 45 minute appointments provide clarity and focus on your marketing activities or practical support with digital tools and Social Media.

Together we can review your website and the journey your customers take online, set up your social media profiles, outline your email marketing strategy, optimise your Google Ads campaign, customise your WordPress website or review your marketing literature from a customer’s point of view. If you have a specific issue, you can even bring your laptop and we can dive right into the tech side of how things work.

Design Surgery

Design Surgery

with Alex Dyett, Flickering Light Studio

Design and branding are crucial of your business if you want to look professional and give a good first impression. After all, why spend all that time on marketing strategy if the website, adverts or promotional materials look amateurish?

However, there are two major issues facing the small business owner. Firstly, if you are not from a creative background, design can seem daunting, and secondly, hiring someone to do it for you can quickly get expensive.

In the Design Surgery we will look at your specific needs for digital and print design, branding strategy, website design and which services you can utilise to help you maximise impact whilst keeping your budget intact. The perfect partner to our Marketing & Copy Surgeries, we can take your through how to make the most impactful social content, beautiful email layouts and build a consistent visual brand for use across your website, social platform and print media. Book a session and come to understand the inherent value of good, consistent design to your business.

Copy Surgery

with Claire Davies, The Greedy Wordsmith

Finding the right words for your marketing can be difficult. Whether you are pitching at a networking event or crafting regular blog posts – the stories you tell will directly influence the results you achieve.

In a fast moving digital age, there are more opportunities than ever to attract the attention of potential clients; showing your unique brand offering is the key to success in a noisy online marketplace. On a local level many of us still turn to printed literature, where a succinct and clear call to action is required.

In a copy surgery, we can explore the stories and unique selling point that give your brand meaning, clarify the copy for your website or social media profiles and construct the outline for an effective blog campaign. Bring along existing content for support and guidance on how to improve your own writing, or can start from scratch together.